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3 best ways: how to get babies to brush their teeth?

how to get babies to brush their teeth

One of the major tasks lying in front of Parents right now is ‘how to get babies to brush their teeth?’. Children as we all know, are unaware of the pros of brushing their teeth two times a day. Getting a child to brush their teeth is one of the things that most parents do not want to do but unfortunately, they have to do that because without doing so the oral hygiene of their child will be hampered. If a parent develops the habit of brushing two times a day to his child in his childhood, then it will be beneficial for the child in the long run, as the child won’t have to pay visits to Dentists because of tooth sensitivity or gum bleeding.

Now the best way to get your child into the habit of brushing two times a day is by acquainting the child with enough data and telling him/her about the Cons of not brushing two times a day. You can do this by showing the child a picture of a person with bad teeth since children have an eidetic memory and they remember stuff if you show them in the form of pictures or videos.

The second best way to get them to brush their teeth daily two times a day is by horrifying your child with the stories of people who had to go through a Root Canal a bit later in life simply because they didn’t listen to their parents. But while horrifying your child, make sure you don’t scare him/her so much that they get Nightmares.

The third best way is by getting a nice toothpaste that tastes good since children would brush their teeth daily two times a day if the toothpaste tastes and smells good. Now while getting a nice toothpaste you must also see if the toothpaste has all the essential ingredients that are required for the healthy maintenance of teeth in the long run.

There are many kinds of toothpaste on the market that contain Artificial Ingredients that may be good for their teeth in the short term but may have bad effects in the long run. This is the reason why many dentists these days are recommending Natural or Ayurvedic toothpaste since they have many advantages in the long run as well as short term. When it comes to Ayurvedic toothpaste, one of the best toothpaste right now in the market is Vithoba toothpaste, since it has got all the essential Ayurvedic ingredients that are required for better oral hygiene. Vithoba toothpaste also tastes very good, so that is also one of the plus points that you will get since it will be loved by your children. So the next time you go to a market to buy toothpaste, make sure you give Vithoba toothpaste a try since it will be loved by you and your children both.

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