How Menthol is beneficial for your teeth

How Menthol is beneficial for your teeth

Menthol as we all know is a derivative of oils that are most commonly found in mint plants like peppermint. Menthol is an ingredient that supports good health and therefore is also very important. Due to its many medicinal qualities, menthol is most often found in toothpaste and mouthwashes but not all toothpaste has menthol in it as there are many companies who don’t care about natural products. Although, one must be aware of the contents of menthol in toothpaste as there are plenty of synthetic processes available to produce cheap menthol. But natural products matter a lot here, so the menthol we use is naturally derived. Menthol is used in natural toothpaste because it helps bring out the clean mouth feeling of the mint.


Many chemical kinds of toothpaste that contain harmful ingredients like fluoride also contain Menthol. But fluoride is nothing but an enemy in the mask of a friend. Fluoride is a poison that is re-branded as a healthy substance by these toothpaste makers. According to scientists, fluoride is a substance that can remain in your body for years and can even be transmitted into the body of a baby via breastfeeding. When scientists investigated further, many health risks associated with Fluoride were found. If you still believe that fluoride is good for your teeth then you must think about it again.


That is why it is important that you choose your toothpaste wisely. Just because it contains fluoride that does not mean that the other ingredients that it contains can be beneficial for you too. You should always choose a natural toothpaste that contains only natural ingredients as it is also recommended by many dentists these days. There is many natural or Ayurvedic toothpaste in the market but among them, Vithoba toothpaste and Dant manjans can be termed as the best Ayurvedic toothpaste and Dant Manjans. Vithoba Ayurvedic toothpaste contains menthol and other natural Ayurvedic ingredients that are not only good for your teeth but also leave you with a fresh breath after brushing. So the next time you visit your supermarket or pharmacy, do give Vithoba toothpaste and don’t Manjans a try as it will solve all your dental problems.


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