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HOW to ensure complete oral care during the ganpati festival

Ganesh Chaturthi only happens once a year, and you may have had a lot of fun and delight in celebrating it. This festival is a fantastic facilitator of social meetings. Ganesh Chaturthi is widely celebrated throughout the country.

This year’s Ganesh Chaturthi will be cautious, but that won’t stop people from indulging in sweets and snacks. It is critical to maintaining one’s oral health, particularly during festivals such as the Ganesh festival.

If you’ve been waiting all year to attend your favorite festival, brushing your teeth is probably not high on your priority list. Keeping up with your oral hygiene practices while camping in the field (or attending a city festival) will help you avoid oral health issues that could damage your teeth in the future.

According to a survey, 10% of festival attendees can go the full duration of the festival without brushing their teeth. There are numerous reasons why many individuals forget to maintain basic oral hygiene while enjoying the festival vibe, ranging from forgotten toothbrushes to hangovers and a lack of access to running water. According to the same survey, 38% of festival-goers only clean their teeth once (or less) per day. Because festival food tends to be more acidic and sweet than regular cuisine – and there may be more alcohol involved – brushing your teeth is even more crucial at a festival. Especially if you don’t want to offend any new friends by having terrible breath. You can use Vithoba ayurvedic toothpaste is thbest ayurvedic toothpaste to protect your teeth during the Ganesh festival.

Here are some tips to ensure complete oral care during the Ganpati festival:-

♦  Make sure you drink plenty of water. When your body is properly hydrated, your mouth generates a lot of saliva, which is necessary for maintaining the condition of your teeth. Saliva will help to prevent bad breath by clearing away bacteria that could cause decay. Your teeth – and your energy levels – will suffer if you’re dehydrated and have a dry mouth.

♦  When it comes to bottles, don’t be clever. People frequently return from festivals with broken or chipped teeth as a result of attempting to open beverages or juice bottles. Instead, be clever and bring a bottle opener.

♦  It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when packing for a festival, but make sure you bring a toothbrush and toothpaste so that you have the essentials on hand. If you want to save space, search for a travel toothbrush – just make sure you have enough toothpaste to last the entire event. Make sure to keep it separate in a plastic bag, such as a sandwich bag, to avoid brushing up against mud and picking up bacteria that your toothbrush shouldn’t have.

♦  Keep an eye on your diet. Fried foods, acidic beverages, and a lot of sugar will wreak havoc on your teeth, as well as make you feel sluggish and fatigued. Limit your sugar and unhealthy food intake if you want to get the most out of your festival experience while also protecting your teeth. Eat a few salads, limit your sugar intake, and provide your body with the fuel it requires to keep moving.

♦  Take a piece of sugar-free gum. If you chew sugar-free gum at a festival on a regular basis, your mouth will produce more saliva. Saliva helps to keep your teeth clean, and the gums guarantee that you have fresh breath at all times.

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