Why Ayurvedic toothpastes are better than Flouride toothpastes

Flouride as we all know is an enemy in the mask of a friend. It is nothing but a poison that is being rebranded as a healthy substance. For years and years we have learnt that Flouride compounds are associated with healthy bones and teeth and are also added to water. Flouride compounds are ubiquitous, i.e. they could be found everywhere, right from drinking water to food which are based on surface and pizza boxes to water resistant clothes. In some areas, drinking water contains dangerously high levels of flourides, leading to serious health problems.

In 2010, World Health Organization (WHO) classified flouride alongside asbestos and arsenic, as one of the ten chemicals that pose the greatest risk to human health. Even at low doses, the toxicity of flouride is something that scientists are fretting about. According to scientists, flouride is a substance that can remain in body for years and can be even transmitted into the body of a baby via breastfeeding. When scientists investigated further, many health risks were associated with Flouride. If you still believe that flouride is good for your teeth then you must think about it again. Flouride is the kind of toxin that can be extremely harmful for your brain as it could damage your brain and the exposure of flouride could lead to reduced IQ in children.

With so many atrocities associated with flouride, using a flouride toothpaste would be the most dangerous thing that any person could do to tamper with his/her health. These days even dentists don’t recommend a toothpaste that contains flouride, instead they tell you to go for a Natural/Ayurvedic toothpaste instead. Ayurvedic toothpaste has all the natural ingredients that are required for the longevity of one’s teeth. An Ayurvedic toothpaste may not show you immediate results but are very good for your dental health in the long run.  A good Ayurvedic toothpaste must be able to cure all your oral problems like Gum swelling, tooth sensitivity, bad breath etc. Vithoba Ayurvedic toothpaste and dant manjan is widely acclaimed in Central India as it solves all your oral problems. Because of its many natural ingredients Vithoba is touted as one of the best Ayurvedic toothpaste/Dant manjan in the market by many Scientists and Dentists. So the next time you go to buy a toothpaste, do give Vithoba toothpaste/dant manjan a try and surely you won’t be disappointed.


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