What is the Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth?

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We all know that brushing teeth twice a day is an important dental care routine. But is it enough? Is your toothbrush cleaning your teeth efficiently? Or is it time to buy a new toothbrush? This is one important decision to make. Read on to learn more before you head to the nearest utility store.

There are certain characteristics you should be aware of when choosing the right toothbrush.


The size of toothbrush should be as such that it should be able to reach all the places in the mouth. When the head of the toothbrush is too large, it is difficult to navigate through the mouth. They might not reach areas like the back of the molars. Choosing the appropriate size is an essential factor to consider.



There are a variety of bristles you can choose from like soft, medium or hard nylon fibers. Majority of people prefer soft bristles are they are a safe choice. Depending on how vigorously you brush your teeth, and how strong your teeth are, you can select medium to hard bristles. 


Expert Recommendations

It is always good to consult a dentist on which toothbrush is perfect for your teeth. Having American Dental Association (ADA) seal on the toothbrush is an added advantage. You can also opt for electrical toothpaste if it fulfills your requirement. 



Whether manual or electrical, a toothbrush that provides efficient cleaning is always preferred. The manual toothbrushes are easily affordable compared to electric toothbrushes as well as replaceable. In electric toothbrushes, however, after the initial cost, you have to replace the head of the brush after a regular interval of time.



No matter the benefits or cost, people always choose the toothbrush which they like to use. The one which is easy to maintain, and provide efficient cleaning are always preferred. Some people might like electric toothbrushes while others might like manual ones. It is a personal choice.



Many people might think that since electric brushes are battery powered, they might give increased cleanliness compared to manual brushes. But studies have shown that there is no monumental difference in the cleaning techniques of manual and electric toothbrushes.



Though toothbrushes with ADA seal are safe, but for many people a particular type of toothbrush works the best. Vigorous brushing might harm the enamel of teeth, so an electric brush can help to brush teeth gently as well as effectively. 


For Children

When choosing a toothbrush for children, it is important to note that soft bristles work well for them. Hard bristles can damage the enamel making them vulnerable to cavities. A toothbrush of their favorite color or cartoon character attracts them, making them want to brush their teeth regularly. 

Considering these factors, the choice of toothbrush becomes an easy process. It is also important to select a toothpaste that helps in cleaning the teeth efficiently. A toothpaste that kills germs and bacteria without causing damage to the teeth is always preferred. Made up of natural ingredients, the best natural toothpaste in India, is perfect to pair with the correct choice of toothbrush for you. This is a winning combination against germs and gum diseases.


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