Ways to prevent cavities

prevent cavities

You would be shocked to know that cavities are considered to be the most contagious disease in the world. Many people have a misconception about cavities that it is caused only due to sweets and confectionaries. But there can be many reasons for it. Let us see some of the reasons for tooth decay.

The main reason for tooth decay is improper or irregular brushing of teeth which leads to plaque build-up and attack on the teeth. Bacteria living in the mouth attack these areas with high plaque build up leading to formation of acids. These bacteria especially attack carbohydrate rich substances such as fruits, cakes, milk, cereals etc because it is easy for them to convert them into acids. Thus the plaque containing acids degrade the tooth enamel surface on the teeth thus creating holes. The symptoms of tooth decay are as follows-

  1. Pain– Pain caused in the tooth is a common symptom of tooth decay.
  2. Pressure– Both tooth sensitivity and pain while chewing indicates decay.
  3. Pus– Pus created in tooth areas is a serious symptom in tooth decay.
  4. Pits– Holes created in teeth confirms tooth decay which are sometimes only visible during x-ray.

Some of the precautions which we can use to prevent tooth decay are as follows –

  1. Brushing your teeth twice a day helps a lot in preventing tooth decay because it does not allows plaque to settle down on teeth and thus killing the bacteria in the mouth.
  2. Limit the amount of intake of sweets, chocolates and carbonated drinks because of their high amount of carbohydrates which are converted to acids easily and also they stick in the corners of the teeth due to which they are not removed easily from the teeth.
  3. Regular dental checkup also helps us to keep an update of our dental health as well.

Besides this the basic care we should take is of which toothpaste we are choosing for brushing our teeth. Fluoride containing toothpaste were used to a great extent some years back as it fights against toothpaste but after understanding the disadvantages of fluoride on our body dentists are now referring to use ayurvedic toothpaste for our daily use. Ayurvedic toothpaste have all natural ingredients present in them which makes it chemical free. Living in a country like India where ayurveda was born many of the people are switching to ayurvedic toothpaste considering its advantages. If we google about which ayurvedic toothpaste to use against cavities we get the best option out which refers Vithobaayurvedic toothpaste as the best. It is considered as the best ayurvedic toothpaste in India considering its natural ingredients which helps to fight against all gum and tooth diseases such as tooth decay, gum bleeding, swollen gums, bad breath etc. It has the presence of neem and clove which kills the bacteria present in the mouth thus preventing tooth decay. It gives you all round protection for your mouth. So start using Vithobaayurvedic toothpaste for keeping your teeth free of cavities.


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