Vithoba Vardan Detergent Powder

vithoba vardan detergent powder

Product Description:

The Vithoba Vardan Detergent Powder is one of the best detergent powder in India. It is a champion in removing tough stains from the clothes leaving behind an aromatic fragrance. It removes all sorts of tough stains like oil, grease, sweat, dirt, etc. It is the best washing powder suitable for colored as well as white clothes. Vithoba Vardan Detergent Powder has a pleasing fragrance that leaves us feeling refreshed throughout the day. It is also soft on hands so that regular usage does not make the hands rough. It is suitable for hand as well as machine wash.


  • Best Detergent to remove tough stains from clothes.
  • It provides impeccable cleaning and gentle on hands.
  • It keeps the clothes smelling fresh as it leaves behind a pleasing fragrance.

Directions for Use:

Take 1 Tbsp of washing powder to mix in a bucket of water. Soak clothes for 30 mins for the best results.

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