Top 6 Tooth Problem Faced By Everyone


Dental problems are something that everyone has faced once in a while. Though they are painful, they can be controlled by simple techniques like brushing and flossing regularly. Using a best ayurvedic toothpaste for brushing your teeth can also help to minimise the impact of chemicals. It is essential to know about the dental problems that are commonly faced. Here are the top 6 tooth problems faced by everyone:


The most commonly faced tooth problem is a toothache. It could be due to any reason like swelling in gums, or pus around the tooth. It is important to make an appointment with the dentist before it manifests into something serious. 


Stained Teeth

Teeth in any colour apart from white are not attractive. Food, medicines, and tobacco are some of the things that discolour the teeth. The easiest way to whiten your teeth is to use a whitening toothpaste. You can also visit your dentist for a whitening session. 



Eating sweets and carbonated drinks can create plaque on the enamel of the teeth which leads to the formation of cavities. It is essential to clean your teeth after every meal with a best ayurvedic toothpaste in India that will cause no harm to your teeth courtesy its natural ingredients.



Any cold thing which causes a sting in your teeth means you have tooth sensitivity. It could be due to cavities, gum diseases or exposed roots that cause the sting. If the cause is something serious like gum disease or exposed root, you should visit the dentist and get it treated. Otherwise, using an ayurvedic toothpaste for sensitive teeth can solve the problem.


Gum Problems

The most common sign of unhealthy gums is they bleed. They become very tender and chewing something hard can be very difficult. The cause behind gum diseases (gingivitis) is the plaque present on the enamel of the teeth. Brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash can have a calming impact on the affected areas. Using an ayurvedic toothpaste for gingivitis can also relieve you from the pain. 


Oral Cancer 

The symptoms of mouth or throat cancer include sores, lumps, or rough areas in the mouth. You may also have a change in your bite and difficulty chewing or moving your tongue or jaw. Oral cancer is caused by the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, mostly by chewing tobacco. Early detection by regular visits to the dentist can play a significant role in prevention and cure to the disease.


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