Top 5 Toothpaste ingredients that are bad for you!


The toothpaste has been known to mankind for many centuries now but the ingredients that are used in toothpaste have not been known to mankind ever since World War 1. As soon as the companies began to manufacture the toothpaste, people began to purchase the magical concoction – guaranteed to produce sparkling teeth! People went bananas over white teeth after World War I had ended and a good toothpaste quickly became a product that most people couldn’t think of themselves living without.

Toothpaste is one of those items that is used by nearly everyone in today’s world, but what is it about a toothpaste that makes it so special? Whether you brush your teeth once per day or two times per day, there is a high probability that you never took your time out to read that ingredient list which is mentioned on the toothpaste. Moreover, many people believe that the ingredients which are contained in a standard package of toothpaste are essential whereas others believe that water may be just as effective. In the end, there must be a reason behind why most toothpaste packages have  “Do Not Swallow” written behind them.


  1. Formaldehyde: It is the same ingredient that coroners can’t live without can be found inside of your toothpaste tube. Formaldehyde kills all of those small bacterias that climb onto your teeth after eating or sleeping. If a large amount of formaldehyde is accidentally ingested, the result could be fatal. Severe formaldehyde ingestion results in jaundice, kidney damage, liver damage, and death.
  2. Detergent: Foam, suds, activation! What would toothpaste be without that satisfying soapy feeling? Manufacturers use regular detergent in order to appease the masses that prefer bubbly toothpaste. While bubbles may be fun, be careful if you accidentally ingest a large amount of this stuff – swallowing detergent can cause digestive tract burning.
  3. Chalk: Yes you read that right, even chalk is used in toothpaste all thanks to the fact that chalk is made from exoskeletons (which is a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals), it’s hard enough to remove all of that caked on gunk from your pearly whites. Chalkdust may cause lung problems if inhaled, and swallowing a bit of chalk could cause bleeding.
  4. Glycerine Glycol: You have never heard about this ingredient before? Are you sure about that? In order to prevent the paste from becoming too dry Glycerin glycol is added to toothpaste. Even though glycerin is not toxic, this additive may cause nausea if swallowed.
  5. Paraffin: As slick as the petroleum that it is derived from, paraffin creates a smooth paste that oozes onto your toothbrush. As you might imagine, paraffin isn’t meant to be eaten. People may end up with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and severe constipation if they swallow this ingredient.


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