Tips to take care of your teeth in winter

Tips to take care of your teeth in winter to get rid of tooth sensitivity

As the season changes, we make slight changes in our routine to accommodate the new weather. Winter care is not just limited to our body, it is extended to our teeth also. Keeping our teeth and gums healthy is not just a requirement for particular weather, it is essential throughout our lives. Nevertheless, there are some particular areas we need to work on that can be tricky during winters. 

Read on to find out how winter affects this particular area in our mouth and how to deal with it.


Here are some tips that should be followed during winter as a part of our oral hygiene:

  1. Cold scores

Small blisters in your mouth, around your lips, can be triggered due to stress, fatigue, and cold weather. It is important to keep your lips moisturized so that minimum breakouts can be caused. 


  1. Chapped lips

Dry and chapped lips are the major cause of irritation during winters. Exposing our mouth to winds and cold in winter while outdoors leaving our lips dry withered. Applying petroleum jelly to the cracked lips can help them soothe and heal effectively. 


  1. Tooth sensitivity

Breathing in cold air, consuming hot and cold beverages can lead to tooth pain. Sipping extremely hot coffee or drinking cold water can your gums to become sensitive and cause pain. To relieve the pain, you can use the best ayurvedic toothpaste for sensitive teeth. 


  1. Gum infection

Winter is the time when the cold and weak immune system can make your teeth vulnerable to inflammation and infections. The use of a fluoride mouthwash to clean the germs and bacteria present in your mouth is advisable. Inflammation in gums can be treated by using a best ayurvedic toothpaste for swollen gums.


  1. Acid wear

Eating citrus fruits or food that contain acids can negatively impact your teeth. The acid present in the food, along with the bacteria and germs in the mouth are enough to create plaque on the enamel of your teeth. The direct impact of acid on teeth is yellowness. Teeth become yellow when our mouth becomes acidic. Using the best ayurvedic toothpaste for yellow teeth can help in teeth whitening.


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