How To Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums Daily

Teeth and Gums problem

Teeth and gums are such organs of the body that require constant care and attention to remain healthy. The healthier they are, the less prone they become to decay and other related diseases. A best ayurvedic toothpaste with the goodness of natural herbs is recommended for daily cleaning. The basic routine to be followed for healthy gums and teeth is:


  1. Regular brushing 
  2. Regular flossing
  3. Rinsing
  4. Eating right
  5. Regular visits to the dentist.



Brushing your teeth twice a day is advisable to keep your teeth healthy. If possible, brush your teeth after every meal. Wait for 30 minutes after eating and use a mouthwash to clean the food stuck on the teeth.


Brushing removes the plaque formed on the teeth due to the carbohydrates present in the food. The bacteria that are present in the mouth when coming in contact with carbohydrates of the food, they form a yellow substance that is stuck to the teeth. This is called plaque. Continued creation of plaque leads to the decay of teeth.


Using a toothpaste that has fluoride in it is the best way to remove plaque from the teeth. It is also essential to see that the chemical content of the toothpaste is low so that it does not cause damage to the teeth. Using the best ayurvedic toothpaste that has natural ingredients in it is always beneficial for the teeth. 



Flossing is helpful in removing the food and plaque from the teeth, where a toothbrush cannot reach. Regular flossing helps in removing the plaque and maintaining the white shine of teeth.



Using mouthwash is a recommended practice by dentists all over the world to keep the mouth clean. The mouthwash helps in killing the bacteria that are present in the mouth, responsible for the decay of teeth. Use mouthwash after brushing and flossing the teeth for overall cleanliness.


Regular Checkup

Visiting your dentist for normal routine check-ups is also a pertinent part of dental care. Your dentist can tell you more about your teeth hygiene than anyone else. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned once in a while is important.


Including these little habits in your routine will give you spotless and healthy teeth in no time. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits that provide sufficient nutrients will enable your teeth to become healthy.


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