How to Take Care of Your Child’s Dental Health



Dental health is always a concern when it comes to kids. Always interested in eating chocolates and sweet, never in brushing teeth properly, they are always at a risk of having cavities or other gum diseases. In order to keep their teeth healthy and safe from diseases, it is essential to impart the significance of dental hygiene. From selecting a proper toothbrush to using the best ayurvedic toothpaste for conditions like sensitivity, there are many factors to be considered. Here are a few tips to take care of your child’s dental health.


1.Regular Checkup

A regular visit to the dentist is one way to ensure your child’s teeth are healthy. Preventive care taken from an early stage saves a lot of trips to the hospital. It helps in instilling a habit of proper oral care routine among kids.


2.Good Habits

Brushing twice a day with flossing is one of the good habits that should be included in the kids routine. Taking care while eating, drinking water after eating sweets, using mouthwash are a few of the habits that help in maintaining healthy teeth.


3.No Sweet Sleep

Make sure that you do not give milk or juice to your child just before naptime. Milk or juice contains sugar that sticks to the teeth causing cavities and tooth decay. If your child requires a bottle before sleep, then make sure it is only water.


4. Avoid Juice

Many parents think that juice is a healthy drink that should be given to children when they get fussy about food. Juice is sweet and sticky in nature which is harmful to the teeth. Giving juice instead of a healthy meal should be avoided.


5.Sippy Cups

Sippy cups are a great way to help your child’s transition from bottle to glass. But using them all day long is not a good idea. The teeth which come directly in contact with drinks are the backside of front teeth. They become vulnerable to cavities and gum diseases.


6. Be firm

Firmly standing by brushing, flossing and cleaning routine will help kids realise the importance of dental hygiene. Being patient while dealing with them, not waiting until the end of the day, letting them choose their favourite toothbrush will help them get interested in oral hygiene.



Choosing a toothpaste that is not too harsh for the soft teeth of kids is also essential. Toothpaste having large amount of chemicals should be avoided. Instead, using toothpaste with natural ingredients like the best ayurvedic toothpaste in India is always beneficial.


The importance of dental care taught to kids from an early stage is beneficial for them in the long run. Keeping teeth healthy is a meticulous task which requires constant attention. With proper encouragement and discipline, maintaining healthy teeth is a cakewalk.


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