How to choose correct toothpaste according to your dental problems and age?

choose correct toothpaste

Many of the people don’t know that your mouth can tell many things about your body. Dental problems makes you suffer much pain as that of any other diseases but the good things about them is we can prevent them as much as possible if we regularly brush our teeth two times , floss daily, eat healthy and regular dental check-ups are done from  time to time.

Dentists suggest that we should choose our toothpaste wisely depending on our dental problems and requirements of our age as the body is growing also the toothpaste should be chemical free so that it doesn’t cause any ill effect to our gums and teeth. Some of the common dental problems faced are-

  1. Tooth decay- Tooth decay is a common dental disease.  It happens when brushing is not done properly and plaque settles down due to which bacteria can easily settle down in plaque and gets the chance to attack the teeth producing  acids which slowly erodes the tooth enamel and forms holes in it leading to pain in the infected part and also if it is neglected to a great extent it leads to damaging the root, nerves and the pulp tissue in the teeth itself caused by bacterial infection.
  2. Periodontal disease- It is one of the most common dental problem which is caused by infection of the gum around the teeth. This is caused by improper brushing of the teeth which causes  plaque to build up around the teeth due to which bacteria attacks the gums leading to bleeding of the gums. If ignored for a greater extent then it can lead to gingivitis which leads to the weakening of the gums and also the structure of gums is disoriented and can also lead to red swollen, bleeding gums and also sensitive teeth
  3. Bad breath- Bad breath can be very embarrassing which affects a big part of your personality. But there can be many reason for it such as gum diseases, cavities, infected tongue etc. Lack of regular brushing also causes halitosis another name for bad breath.
  4. Stained teeth- This is mainly caused due to constant smoking, consumption of tea and coffee to a great extent causing yellow unpleasant stains on the teeth.


These problems can be prevented on a large scale if we switch on to regular care of our teeth and start using a proper chemical free toothpaste as it can add more to the trouble. So we should use a toothpaste according to our dental problems as to hit the arrow on the target itself. Considering these factors Vithoba has launched a new excellent range of herbal and ayurvedic oral care products including, Vithobaayurvedic toothpaste, Vithoba root fix toothpaste and Vithobaayurvedicdantmanjan which are a fusion of ayurvedic  ingredients to bring about the good results for the satisfaction of the customers caring for you and your oral health. Talking about Vithoba natural root fix toothpaste, it prevents common problems like bad breath, plaque, painful gums and cavities.  Vithobadantmanjan makes your gums strong and healthy because of its composition of rare herbs including Lahore namak and laung which cures tooth aches and also it has the specialty of killing worms and prevents sensitivity of teeth against cold products. And last but not the least Vithobaayurvedic toothpaste which has the composition of neem, tulsi, natural calcium which not only fights bad breath but germs also. So switch to the whole range of Vithoba  ayurvedic oral care products for better results.



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