how to brush your teeth

how to brush your teeth

One of the very first things related to hygiene that is taught to a child is brushing one’s teeth. Still, a lot of people miss out on the proper way to brush one’s teeth and giving rise to several kinds of oral health-related issues like plaque, odor, and cavities. Today, we will have a look at the proper way to brush one’s teeth to ensure proper oral health.

To have a quick review, one must wet the toothbrush and take toothpaste about the amount of a pea on the middle of the brush bristles. Gentle circular motions are advised over back and forth for a duration of two minutes. The duration of every brush is as important as the way one is expected to the brush but sadly is the most ignored fact too. The complete duration of two minutes is prescribed and there is a simple way to ensure that one brushes for two minutes every time. Consider your mouth divided into four quadrants, upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right, and then give 30 seconds to each.

The average duration for which one brushes is just 45 seconds, this instinct has to be fought and the brushing duration has to be increased to two minutes. One can also get help from brushing timers or electric toothbrushes with in-built timers.

Brush in circular motions. The to and fro motion that one has become accustomed to is a perfect example of what should not be done, this motion creates gouges in the teeth enamel creating a perfect place for food particles to hide. Circular motions will be a better way to achieve cleanliness. When you are cleaning the gum line, make sure all the sweeping motion goes from top to bottom, that will make sure the food stuck under the gums gets removed.

One more important thing that too gets ignored multiple times is the toothpaste. Ayurveda has gained a lot of trust in this section in India and in the world too. Several brands are now hiring Ayurveda experts and pressing on the benefits of choosing Ayurveda. Vithoba Ayurvedic Toothpaste is a leading product in the Ayurveda product range that is well accepted by consumers from several generations. If you are looking for a good toothpaste to fight bad odor, plaque, and cavities which is natural too, pick up Vithoba and say hello to great oral health.

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