How smoking affects your oral health

Smoking as we all know has many drawbacks, one of the most common one and known by all is Lung Cancer and more women die from Lung Cancer each year than Breast Cancer. According to a survey people who smoke less than five cigarettes per day may have signs of Cardiovascular diseases. But apart from all these, smoking also affects a person’s teeth. A prolonged habit of smoking makes a person’s teeth Yellow or stained. The chemicals that are used in Tobacco cling to enamel your teeth, causing them to stain over time.

Apart from this, smoking also affects your breath, leading to bad breath. The saying ‘You smell like an ashtray’ came into use because someone somewhere must be irritated with someone’s smoking habit and so these words came out of his or her mouth. The overgrowth of bacteria in a smoker’s mouth leads to bad breath. Smoking even affects a person’s gums. According to a survey, smokers are twice as prone to gum disease as non smokers, this is because smoking decreases your mouth’s ability to fight of bacteria, which allows the bacteria to build itself up on teeth and make its way to the gum eventually.

Now the best solution to get rid of all these problems is by quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even a Dentist can put together a solution to lessen the effects of smoking but the only way to make them go away completely is by quitting smoking. Even your toothpaste over here plays an important part and by using a good toothpaste you can lessen the ill effects of smoking. The best toothpaste to use in such scenarios is an Ayurvedic toothpaste and when it comes to best Ayurvedic toothpaste in the market then Vithoba toothpaste’s name appears. Vithoba toothpaste has got all the essential ingredients that are required for a good oral hygiene making it the best toothpaste for sensitivity, gum bleeding and bad breath.


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