Effective ways to Whiten one’s Teeth

Effective ways to Whiten one's Teeth

Yellowing of one’s teeth is a very embarrassing thing for a lot of people. Also, we wrongly associate whiteness of one’s teeth to his/her oral health. This has given birth to a whole ‘Teeth whitening’ industry. One’s teeth are one of the very first things that people notice. Yellow, crooked or discolored teeth are often signs of a person who fails to take care of himself/herself. But, is there a way to whiten one’s teeth?

Before we get into teeth whitening, lets see what causes the yellowing in the first place.

Teeth loose their original color, turn yellow or even brown or beige owing to stains that develop on the enamel of the teeth (white, hard outer layer of teeth). The staining can occur due to multiple things.

  • Coffee or tea consumption
  • Cigarette
  • Age (Enamel this with age)
  • High in acid food consumption
  • Dry mouth (When there is lack of saliva, there is less protection for the enamel.)
  • Excess fluoride consumption.

Now, that we know a little about what causes yellowing of the teeth, we can move to knowing more about teeth whitening.

Brush after consumption of food

The best natural way, not the easiest though is proper way of brushing one’s teeth with appropriate amount of toothpaste. Using a good quality, natural toothpaste like Vithoba Ayurvedic Toothpaste will be a happy add-on.


Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an antibacterial agent that is known to be working well as a mouth and gum cleanser. A good one minute long rinse of the mouth with hydrogen peroxide (in a 50:50 ratio with water) will keep the breath fresh by eliminating all the bacteria acting as a natural antiseptic agent.


Coconut oil pulling

Yes, you heard it right. Coconut oil can help in whitening the teeth. Not exactly as the oil but coconut oil pulling serves as a natural teeth whitener.
What one is expected to do swish spoonful of coconut oil in one’s mouth for five to 20 minute or brush with a few drops with a toothbrush. Another option that includes use of coconut oil is rubbing the oil on the teeth with a clean washcloth. Also the coconut oil has antimicrobial properties.


All these tips will help you in getting white teeth but for something that is more important, that is complete oral health one needs to brush in a proper manner with a good toothpaste. If you are planning on choosing an Ayurvedic toothpaste, choosing Vithoba would be a great choice as it is one of the best Natural Toothpastes in our country.


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