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India is a country of Tea Lovers or Chai as they normally called it. Over here, many people have a habit of having tea, so much so that some people are even addicted to tea. This tea addiction often forces one to have tea as many as 7-8 times a day. Some people even have tea after waking up in the morning before brushing their teeth, which is one of the most important cause in getting your dental hygiene hampered. Having tea before brushing your teeth could also lead in yellowing of your teeth. Not just tea, if you have coffee as well before brushing it could lead to a bad dental hygiene. So in order to avoid such atrocities, one must brush their teeth before eating or drinking anything.

This is not just it, you should also gargle after eating anything as it will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Gargling 3-4 times a day after eating anything would clean your teeth and help you remove the food particles that got stuck in your teeth after eating. Every morning you must also drink a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of honey in it after brushing your teeth as it will help you improve your digestion and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Maintaining a good dental hygiene is also very important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Using a good toothpaste plays a very important role in maintaining your dental/oral hygiene. A good toothpaste consists of beneficial ingredients which improves your oral hygiene. Most of the Dentists these days are recommending a toothpaste that contains natural and Ayurvedic ingredients as they treat all your teeth and gum related problems in a natural way without the use of Artificial Ingredients. There are a plethora of Ayurvedic toothpastes in the market that contains essential ayurvedic ingredients to help you get rid of your dental problems. Different Ayurvedic toothpastes contain different Ayurvedic ingredients, some may be good for tooth sensitivity, some may trigger your bad breath, some may help you get rid of yellow teeth. There are not many Ayurvedic toothpastes in general that help you get rid of all your dental problems. Although there is one Ayurvedic toothpaste called Vithoba Ayurvedic toothpaste that solves all your dental problems that were mentioned above. Due to essential Ayurvedic ingredients, it could be considered as the best Ayurvedic toothpaste in the market as it helps you get rid of all your dental problems.


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