Drinks that are good and bad for your teeth


Doctors suggest that for a healthy lifestyle we must drink at least 9-10 glasses of water per day. But drinking any other drink other than water does not count as drinking water because the other drinks that we have throughout the day may or may not have sugar in it. The recommended daily intake of sugar by Doctors is 11 grams, but we Indians consume more than the recommended daily intake, as we are a country full of sweet tooths. Sugar intake is the root cause that leads to cavities and other dental issues as it is observed that sugar also damages tooth enamel.


Some of the best drinks that are beneficial for your teeth could be water and milk and even vegetable juice. Drinking water and gargling is a great way to get rid of particles that are left in your mouth or stuck in your teeth or the food leftovers stuck in your teeth. Water not only helps you to maintain your oral hygiene by getting rid of that but also helps you to maintain your digestion along with maintaining the water level of your body which is extremely important in one’s good health and well being. Now another drink that could be beneficial for your body could be milk, as it is a rich source of Calcium and it helps you to make your teeth and bones stronger. Another protein called as casein could also be found in milk which according to many leading Dentists helps you to fight tooth decay.


These drinks play an important role in maintaining the health of your teeth and your body but the importance of a good toothpaste could not be avoided over here. A good toothpaste not only helps you to get rid of your dental problems but also maintains a good health of your teeth. A good toothpaste is the one which contains all the essential natural ingredients that are good for your teeth. These days, many people are tilting towards Natural and Ayurvedic toothpaste as an Ayurvedic toothpaste contains only natural Ayurvedic ingredients(and not Artificial Ingredients) that have been used since ages to cure our teeth and gum problems. One of the best Ayurvedic toothpaste in the market right now Vithoba, is not only popular amongst old people but also youngsters due to its essential ingredients that help people of all ages get rid of their day to day tooth problems. Use Vithoba once yourself to see the magic.


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