Best Home Remedies to get rid of Tooth sensitivity

Taking care of teeth sensitivity at home is the only thing that you can do with ease and convenience to ease your tooth pain. Using a less expensive product at home can turn out to be a good alternative to other treatment options, although while using less expensive products, you must know that some bleaching products – such as trays and strips – could also result in tooth sensitivity. If you want a glistening white smile at home without the irritation,then you must take care that you always follow the instructions and watch out for foods that could have you wincing after a whitening session. Here are some ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy as you whiten.

You should take Care when you are Brushing

If you’re planning to brush your teeth simultaneously with bleaching, then you must make sure that you brush your teeth before bleaching, rather than brushing after bleaching. As your teeth become extra sensitive when you remove the strips, any style of toothbrushing can irritate the weakened layers of your teeth.

Always read the ingredients that the products contain

According to many Dentists, “tooth sensitivity is directly related to hydrogen peroxide concentration in various whitening products.” Sensitivity is not common to everyone, some people are prone to more sensitivity than others and some are prone to less, so if teeth whitening leaves your teeth feeling sensitive, then you must read the ingredients that are used on your products. Always use the lowest concentration of active ingredients necessary to achieve a brighter smile.

You should always opt for a good Toothpaste

If the toothpaste that you are using right now does not suit your teeth, then you might need a gentler product. You should use teeth whitening toothpaste instead, in which the active bleaching ingredients’ concentration is typically lower, and thus that won’t aggravate your sensitive teeth as much.

Follow the Instructions that are given

One of the most common mistakes that people make while using whitening products is that they simply do not use them as directed. When you leave the whitening agent on your teeth longer than directed or advised, you’re opening your teeth up to sensitivity and pain due to prolonged exposure.

Avoid Certain Foods

You should also try not to eat acidic food and drinks because acidic food and drinks like Soda, sticky candy, high-sugar carbs, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles — all of these scrumptious treats attack your enamel. Instead you should eat Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, Cheese, Milk and plain yogurt as these foods will moisten your mouth and help fight acid and bacteria.


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