Best Foods to Eat While Suffering with a Toothache

Your teeth will not always support you when you are trying to go about your life. Sometimes, you might experience pains in your tooth for no real reason that you can figure out. Sometimes, after removing your tooth or getting some treatment done on it, you might have sore teeth. And sometimes, a certain hot or cold food might make your teeth very sensitive. In these cases, you cannot just give up on eating food. This food is supposed to be an easy alternative to eating the foods that you normally would have wanted, but can’t, owing to your condition.

So, the next time you have sore or sensitive teeth, make sure that you whip up some of the foods mentioned below for the best way to enjoy a comfortable meal:

  • Milkshakes: Make milkshakes of your favorite foods when your teeth hurt from their roots, as these will ensure that you do not have to chew anything, while still fulfilling your nutritional requirements.



  • Bananas: Bananas are high in calories, and are very soft. They make for great sore tooth meals.


  • Peaches and pears: Take their seeds out with the help of a spoon and a knife, and eat these soft fruits for minimum discomfort.


  • Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese is soft and packed with the nutritional goodness of dairy.


  • Scrambled eggs: Eggs are one of the most nutrient packed foods available on the planet. Scramble them up and eat with seasoning.


  • Oatmeal: Ready to make oatmeal is easy to make, has nutrients, and can ensure that you can enjoy a healthy snack without causing pain in your teeth.



  • Mac and cheese: Although a bit heavy on the calorific scale, macaroni and cheese can be a great snack for evenings. You can also eat it as breakfast, and it does not require a lot of chewing.


  • Mashed potatoes: Potatoes are soft when they are cooked, and mashing them and adding seasoning will make for a good food item that won’t be uncomfortable for your teeth.


Other suggestions for you are that you should cook your foods until they become soft. This way, you will not have to chew them too hard. You can also cut your food into small pieces for chewing, if your front teeth are the ones that are affected by your condition. If your condition is too bad, you could always use a blender to make your food into a paste. This will make it easier for you to consume the food.

Sometimes, tooth problems are unavoidable. The best way to ensure that you won’t need these tips in your life is to get a good quality toothbrush and toothpaste, floss regularly, and take regular visits to the dentist’s office. You might suffer from tooth ache sometimes even if you do everything right, but you should do everything that is in your power to not fall prey to it. Have a healthy oral hygiene!



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