Ayurvedic Industry- A boon to the Indian economy

The sudden outburst on Snapchat which has taken over the internet by storm these days in which our fellow Indians are trying to prove that how rich India is when it comes to India’s cultural and traditional heritage. Apart from India’s cultural and traditional heritage, one more thing that India is rich at is its Domestic cash guzzling Ayurvedic industry which is estimated at Rs. 4205 crores and is expected to reach Rs. 7000 crore by the year 2020. The ayurvedic industry comprises of many formal products among which the Ayurvedic toothpaste is a prominent player and is here to stay. According to The Times of India’s survey, the herbal and ayurvedic toothpaste market in India is approximately around Rs. 800 crore which is about 10% of India’s overall toothpaste market.The homegrown Ayurvedic toothpaste industry is growing at the rate of 20% as compared to the overall toothpaste market. This shows a tectonic shift towards ayurvedic toothpastes from normal toothpastes by the consumers. Ayurvedic toothpastes are free of chemicals like flouride, gluten, artificial sweeteners and bleaches. Ayurvedic toothpastes contain many natural ingredients that are highly effective and are very good for your oral hygiene and the longevity of your teeth.

There are many prominent players in the Ayurvedic toothpaste industry today among which Vithoba toothpaste is a major player in this market. Vithoba toothpaste can be termed as the best Ayurvedic toothpaste in the market as it solves all your oral problems like bad breathe, tooth sensitivity, cavities etc. Vithoba toothpaste contains active ayurvedic ingredients like essential oils, natural calcium, neem and tulsi which not only fights germs and bad breath but also offers long lasting solutions against gum related problems. The daily use of Vithoba toothpaste not only leads to the overall protection of your teeth from bacteria but also thorough cleansing of your teeth and its fight against dental decay.

Apart from Vithoba toothpaste which has a great mass appeal among youngsters because of its many qualities, Vithoba’s another Ayurvedic product, Vithoba Dantmanjan caters the needs of people from all age groups because of its rare blend of herbs. Vithoba Dantmanjan can be touted as the best Dantmanjan right now in this market segment because its rare blend of herbs not only lead to strong teeth but also healthier gums. The special ingredients that are present in the Vithoba dantmanjan like Clove(Laung) and Lahore Namak are acclaimed to prevent tooth related ailments and cure toothache. The various other components of Vithoba Dantmanjan helps teeth that are sensitive to cold products. In all, just massaging your teeth for two minutes with Vithoba Dantmanjan after brushing in the morning or before sleeping can ensure overall safety of your teeth from all dental problems. So in order to keep all your oral problems away, start your day by brushing with Vithoba toothpaste and end your day by massaging your teeth with Vithoba Dantmanjan before sleeping and see the difference. Your oral hygiene will be in good hands with Vithoba.


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