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    High Performance High Precision High Quality Multiple Spindles CNC Beam Drilling Machine
    Product Usage:
    SWZ Series CNC 3-D Drilling Machine with six axes, a numerical control servo feed axis, two CNC encoder shafts (web height, flange) and three hydraulic control stroke drilling unit, all adopts frequency conversion stepless speed spindle drilling, PLC control system. Can be widely used in buildings, steel bridges, power plant boiler, three-dimensional garage, offshore oil platforms, such as tower mast steel structure, especially for H-beam, channel steel, steel structure, with the characteristics of high precision, easy to operate. Mainly composed of lathe bed, CNC sliding table (3), self-controlled stroke drill power head (3), CNC servo trolley feeding unit, test device, cooling system, automatic lubrication, automatic chip removal device, safety net of several major parts, etc.
    Product Structure:
    Lathe bed is made of high quality steel welded frame structure, steel pipe is tackled with reinforcement after the finite element analysis and calculation. After completion of welding thermal aging treatment, These are very good to enhance static and dynamic of bed, so as to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.
    The stroke in drilling spindle boxes are controlled by hydraulic automatic control system, no need to set the effective length of drilling head and thickness of work piece, can have a conversion automatically in a form of fast forward-normal speed-fast backward.
    Can realize CAD/CAM direct conversion, so as to avoid the programming and the input of operation, generating processing procedures automatically, processing without papers authentically.
    Machine configuration of ball screw pair, linear guide rail pair, electrical parts, servo motor, inverter, etc. are chosen from famous corporation domestic and abroad, less boot failure.
    Adopts CNC carriage to feed workpiece, servo feed unit driven by servo motor after reduction through gear rack, encoder to feedback, form a full closed loop control, ensure that the length of the drilling direction positioning accuracy. The drilling machine feeding inlet is equipped with photoelectric correlation switch, as the workpiece fixed baseline.
    This machine is equipped with the workpiece width detection and web height detection device, use rope encoder, simple structure, convenient assembly, can automatically compensate for workpiece outer contour machining error brought by the irregular, stable and reliable measurement.
    Aerosol cooling system, automatic lubrication system, plate chain automatic chip removal device.
    Size of H-beam Web(H)×Flange(W) Max.700×4001000×5001250×600
    Dia.of Drilling (mm)Vertical DrillingΦ12~Φ33.5Φ12~Φ40Φ12~Φ40
    Horizontal DrillingΦ12~Φ31.5
    Number of Drilling SpindleOne vertical, two horizontal (Left and right), three in all
    Spindle Rotation Speed(r/min)180~650 (Frequency invertor)
    Feeding Speed Vertical Spindle(mm)20~200
    Feeding Distance(mm)Vertical Spindle240240240
    Horizontal Spindle180180180
    Servo Infeeding Carriage Power (KW)555
    Installation Power252525
    Net Weight (kg)550070007500
    Welcome to buy our swz high performance high precision high quality multiple spindles cnc beam drilling machine to help with your business. As one of the leading manufacturers of various CNC machines, we are equipped with advanced technology and equipment. Please be free to enjoy our excellent price and good service.Automatic Drilling Machine price


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