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    Pressure sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice. Pressure sensors pcba is widely used in various industrial self-control environment, such as water conservancy and hydropower, railway traffic, intelligent building ,production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil well, power, ships, machine tools, pipes and so on.
    Product Features
    1.Applicable to European market, the Middle East market,and North America market;Both versions of the 110VAC input and 220-240Vac input are available.
    2.Temperature setting & display. Easy control appropriate temperature for good taste.
    3.LED display & LCD display available. Different backlight colors for your choice.
    4.Timing function. Flexible time selection for your baking.
    5.Error detection fucntion,alarming the final user for any fault found in operation.
    6.Switching power circuit resolution, more stable, cost efficient design .
    7.Comply with RoHs & REACH standard.
    8.Passing EMC test; easy get CE approval for your oven.Industrial Control PCBA factory


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