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    Military Grade Rugged Waterproof PDA
    Cilico F750 smartphone is an compact and rugged handheld PDA that can satisfy your demands for tough field work. It meets the military standards for withstanding humidity, dust, vibration, drops and extreme temperature. Meanwhile it combines many IOT functions like 1D barcode scanner, 2D/QR code scanner, NFC, PSAM Encryption etc.
    Specification of Military Grade Rugged Waterproof PDA

    CPU: ARM Cortex-A7 Qualcomm Snapdragon’s processor Quad-core, 1.1GHz
    Display: 4”, WVGA, resolution 800×480.
    Touch panel: industrial capacitive touch screen
    Camera:8.0 Mega Pixel Rear Camera, auto focus, support LED fill light
    Interface: Micro USB 2.0, support OTG
    Communication: 4G / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi(2.4G+5G)/GPS
    Scan mode: Support 1D and 2D barcode scanning, NFC, UHF RFID
    Dimensions: 170 x 73 x 20.5mm(L x W x H)
    Drop Test: Withstand 1.5m free fall to the concrete ground
    1. Built for harsh environment
    -IP68 military ruggedness rating grade dustproof and waterproof, excellent performance in the 1 meter water depth soaking test.
    -Corning Gorilla Glass, special anti-fall design, still working after 1.5 meter drop, 300 times 1 meter tumbling test. 4inch WVGA industry grade capacitive touch screen is sunlight-readable and scratch-resistant, more suitable for one-handed operation in the AIDC industrial Scenario.
    -Support glove handling and wet hand operation.
    -Precise structure design and wide temperature operation under extremely cold or hot environment, operating smoothly.
    2. Powerful and Stable CPU Qualomm snapdragon Quad-core processor, stable performance, can run simultaneously 10 applications and still remain running smoothly.
    3. Excellent data collecting performance.
    -Honeywell Barcode Engine ensures Fast and Immediate Scanning.
    -More ergonomic 20 degree scanning design, efficiently reduced the wrist movements and fatigue, greatly improving efficiency
    – Humanized design, considering the left and right hand operation, scanning button are designed both sides of the mobile computer, Supporting 1D barcode scanning, 2D barcode scanning, NFC, UHF RFID, security PSAM and other AIDC functions.
    4. Physical Button plus Touch Panel Design
    The overall design of the keyboard, taking user experience into account, like the key’s feel, preventing misuse, highlighting the high frequency button, beautiful and comfortable.
    Two customized key design provides the user more flexible and convenient business using. Color button design, breaking the traditional image of the PDA perception, comfortable visual experience plus the excellent stability performance.
    5. 4100mHA big capacity battery, 2.5 hours fast charge
    28nm low consumption CPU and new generational system frame design enables the system to run more efficiently with less power.
    Using Qualcomm Snapdragon’s new generation of QuickChargefast charging solution, charging current is up to 2amps, it only takes 2.5 hours to charge the 4100mAh battery from 5% to 100%.
    6. Efficient Data transmission
    IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n mode, 2.4GHz+5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi support seamless roaming.
    GSM, GPRS,WCDMA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, TDD-LTE (4G) – TDD, LTE (4G), GPS, BDS, FDD communications with phone function
    7. Smart triple desktop charger
    The charging base can charge for a PDA and a battery at the same time. The innovative magnetic suction design can be easily extended to the triple charging pedestal to avoid the cable trouble.
    8. Cilico Mobile Device Management platform(MDM)
    -It’s an intelligent device management platform for customer’s IT management, can be used to manage mobile devices and also monitor user behaviors.
    – The platform provides mobile device management(MDM), covering the full lifecycle of three basic needs of mobile management.
    Typical using scenarios
    1. Warehouse management
    The warehouse administrator scans barcodes or RFID tags of the goods by PDA, then the information can be uploaded directly to the cloud data center of the enterprise ERP system.
    2. Routine inspection of power equipment
    PDA users only need to scan the RFID tag on the power equipment and upload the data to the cloud center. At the same time officials in office will show the collected data information in their ERP system.New Products suppliers


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